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Our services Include:

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

In our PHP program, we have a day and night treatment team waiting for anyone who seeks recovery from drug addiction. Our treatment team will find the root cause of substance abuse in an individual’s life and help them heal and find the way out from addiction. Our PHP program provides 24 hour support and care from our dedicated addiction therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists. PHP consists of a comprehensive therapeutic approach towards addiction that offers specialized holistic healing techniques, like chiropractic care, guided meditation and massage therapy, in addition to other traditional treatment options. This treatment plan will equip the client to learn necessary tools for everlasting success and long-term sobriety.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Our IOP program consists of a combination of supportive group therapy and individualized counseling sessions based on research evidenced treatment techniques. This integrated and holistic approach helps the clients to find the way to have a sustained recovery and sobriety. All our team members are well trained and are well aware of the struggles clients go through in early phase of recovery. The initial struggle and sustaining lifelong sobriety is an achievement and fruit of your labor well worth your effort.

Transitional Living

We provide outpatient therapy and also recommend the supervised structured transitional living homes that help to continue to focus on your long-term sobriety. You will have the opportunity to work on your post treatment objectives and goals. Your focus on recovery and staying sober is very important than anything else. Also, we encourage everyone to follow the 12 step program of recovery and we help to find a sponsor and work together in an active program of recovery. Our transitional sober homes will allow you the freedom to fulfill your daily tasks like academics, employment and other extracurricular activities. Our goal is that you all enjoy the gift of recovery to the fullest extent!!

Individual Counseling

We arrange individual counseling sessions in a way that everyone gets the personal attention they deserve and to make sure their needs are met. One of the most effective recovery solutions is to have a supportive addiction counselor to be open and honest, and who you can trust. Our therapists are well-trained and experienced in substance abuse field. We understand the difficult time you are going through and how uneasy it is to fully trust another person. Our therapists are so compassionate and dedicated for your well-being and safety, and are comfortable in a one to one session to share your life experiences and emotions. Our ultimate goal is for you to have confidential discussions that help you satisfy your individual needs to achieve your ultimate goal of everlasting sobriety.

Group Therapy

According to evidence-based treatment method, group therapy is an effective treatment strategy to overcome addiction. In group therapy, we encourage clients to share their life including hardships, feelings, and emotions in a safe environment among their colleagues who suffer from addiction. Group therapy will be conducted by our well-trained therapists that will promote a fruitful recovery oriented sessions. Group therapy also provides an integrated approach that will allow clients to get massive support form peers who went through addiction. Addiction often leads anyone to depression, low self-esteem and confidence; therefore group therapy can help to build up a positive self-image within the group who goes through addiction.

Life Skills Training

In order to achieve the skills and knowledge of complete self-sufficiency, Life skills training plays an important role in unlocking the building blocks ahead of life. Also we will build an individualized aftercare plan that will help the pathway for a wonderful future without influence of any drugs. Our team helps you with building resume, learning interview techniques and finding new jobs that will help you to build the bridge between the recovery world and the real world. It is very important that you implement the newly learned skills and coping mechanisms to overcome the feeling of craving, obsession and sustain your sobriety.

Nutrition & Wellness

As we know the importance of Nutrition and exercise, we encourage and provide opportunities to all our clients to engage in various physical activities. Healthy meal plan, nutritious diet, and regular exercise will help your body regain the pre-addiction strength you had. Learning how to plan and create nutritious meals is a cornerstone to healthy living. Health and wellness plays a crucial role for the well-being of an individual who is dealing with substance abuse or not. We offer catered meals with all the necessary ingredients to nourish your body and mind for an overall physical wellness.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is a cornerstone in our addiction treatment plan because we know the clients are going to face worse temptations during recovery and sometimes may feel lost in their way. We will equip you with the skills that you need to overcome the hurdles in front of your life during recovery and our ultimate goal is your everlasting sobriety. We will train you with the best coping mechanisms, therapeutic techniques and life skills to overcome cravings and addiction.

Career Development & Vocational Training

Our career development and vocational training programs offer specific tools and knowledge for our clients to succeed in sobriety. As we know, most of our clients may have difficulty to re-enter in society followed by completion of treatment. Our trained and dedicated staffs are willing to provide necessary tools to continue their education, finding an employment and to earn a living wage. Our ultimate goal is to assist you build an everlasting period of sobriety and successful life!!!